Portfolio 1

Analog Portfolio

A speaker, a panel, a group discussion — all the key concepts and details synthesized and captured with markers and pastels on a big piece of paper. Relax and enjoy the presentation or discussion. You won't need to take notes. I've got you covered.

ATD Waves of Change

PaCE Leadership Council for the CSU System – Capture of three group discussions.

Blue Shield California

Keynote Speaker for staff leadership training

ATD Waves of Change

Panel Discussion for ATD meeting on the topic of Change Management.

Fresno Alumni Association

Strategic Planning session details captured.

Ted DeMaisons_ATD

Author of Playful Mindfulness, Ted DesMaisons, shares his keynote on bringing improv techniques into dealing with failures.

Susan Robertson The Power of Perspective

Keynote Speaker for National Conference for SHPE (Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers).