Welcome to Draw You Out!

This is the place to connect to the offerings of Raven Tahara—facilitator of ToP® Methods, Graphic Facilitator, and sometimes studio illustrator. Why “Draw You Out”? Because in every method I utilize, I help my clients get to the essence of things and make it both visible and actionable!

As a Facilitator – I draw out your creativity, problem-solving ability, and ability to reach consensus. We will have focused conversations that ensure everyone’s voice is heard, engage in collaborative processes that draw out the brilliance of your team, and design action plans and strategic plans that are designed for the people who created them (you!) to run with them. A long-time client of mine recently said, ” I have the BEST ideas when you’re around!” This is because I know how to ask the right questions and lead people to their own best answers. [Learn More]

As a Graphic Facilitator – I utilize live drawing, visual templates, and proven processes to map out your conversations and create visual notes to help you remember the most important parts of your meeting. When people see their ideas coming to life in images and their words being captured on the page, they are more engaged and feel heard. In this environment, I simultaneously draw out your ideas with thoughtful questions and processes and draw out your responses in words and images. [Learn More]

As a Graphic Recorder – I draw out the key concepts, words, and imagery of your keynote speech, panel discussion, or presentation. Going way beyond the PowerPoint to turn abstract ideas into concrete images, participant comments and reactions into part of the conversation record, and memorable moments into a visual legacy. [Learn More]

As a Studio Illustrator – Sometimes a client needs an image that needs much more time and levels of detail than a live drawing event can accommodate. In these situations, we may spend some time collaborating with sketches and concepts before determining what will effectively communicate your idea or abstract concept. The results are worth the wait! Let me draw out your idea with images that make the intangible tangible, the complex simple, and the etherial concrete. [Learn More].

The service you hire me for depends on the level of engagement needed, the objectives of the group and the meeting, and who else is involved. Have a look at my Services Page to understand the distinctions.